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Buggies not permitted due to unsafe ground conditions. Thank you.
Course Tour
Preston Golf Course hole one

Hole One

par 3 | 140 yards | stroke index 17
Pro's tip
A relatively straight forward par 3 to ease you into the round. The large kidney shaped green, protected by 3 well placed bunkers, slopes gently towards the tee. A selection of trees are also on hand to deflect any wayward tee shots.
Preston Golf Course hole two

Hole Two

par 4 | 340 yards | stroke index 7
Pro's tip
After the gentle opening hole the challenge really starts here. The tee shot from an elevated tee is crucial, across a small valley either side of a stream, with out of bounds down the right-hand tree line and the fairway falling towards the waiting bunker. At least one extra club is needed to reach the green, which sits in an elevated position, surrounded on 3 sides by a steep grassy bank. The front half of the green slopes towards you, with the two sides gently sloping away, just to add to the challenge, as if it wasn’t difficult enough.
Preston Golf Course hole three

Hole Three

par 4 | 439 yards | stroke index 1
Pro's tip
A long, relatively tight hole with driving bunkers strategically placed left and right. The tree covered mound above the right hand bunker attracts many a wayward drive. A green, well protected by 3 bunkers awaits, beyond a small valley with water on the left as you approach. The large kidney shaped green has subtle borrows to add to the already difficult challenge. A great par if you can get it.
Preston Golf Course hole three

Hole Four

par 4 | 440 yards | stroke index 3
Pro's tip
To have any realistic chance of getting on in two you need to clear the valley with your drive. The angled valley is dry but has tree covered water hazards at either end, adding to the intimidation factor. The fairway bunker is an ideal line off the tee. A relatively flat green is protected by 2 bunkers and a surround that falls away at the back and on the right. Another very satisfying par 4 if you can make it.
Preston Golf Course hole three

Hole Five

par 4 | 378 yards | stroke index 11
Pro's tip
A deceptive hole which appears to play longer than its yardage indicates. Two well-placed bunkers on the right are ready to collect any slightly wayward drives. Be aware of the water hazard on the left side of the dip in the fairway. 4 bunkers protect a raised but relatively flat green.
Preston Golf Course hole three

Hole Six

par 5 | 513 yards | stroke index 5
Pro's tip
The first par 5 of the round and not an easy hole, as the stroke index indicates. Apart from the obvious trees the only hazard with the drive is the lateral water hazard on the right. Bunkers on the right and left are waiting for your second shot. 2 bunkers protect a green that falls away gently towards the back.
Preston Golf Course hole three

Hole Seven

par 5 | 495 yards | stroke index 9
Pro's tip
A relatively straight par 5 with bunkers left and right to catch the wayward drive. For the longer hitters a dry pit next to the 10th green creates an unwelcome hazard. Ensure you avoid the bunker on the right with your second shot, leaving your third shot over a shallow valley to the green. Protected by 3 bunkers the green is fairly flat, except for the front third which falls gently towards the fairway.
Preston Golf Course hole three

Hole Eight

par 3 | 173 yards | stroke index 13
Pro's tip
A well protected green that offers little room for error with your tee shot. The land to the right of the green falls towards the trees and the 5 bunkers surrounding the front of the green can be unforgiving. The back half of the green falls gently to the right, providing an additional challenge to an already difficult par 3.
Preston Golf Course hole nine

Hole Nine

par 4 | 319 yards | stroke index 15
Pro's tip
A very interesting hole to finish the front nine. From an elevated tee the fairway falls towards the stream, so don’t over club. The right side of the fairway provides you with a line down the length of the green but don’t go too far and be blocked out by the trees. The elevated, pear shaped green is protected by two bunkers and has a McKenzie halfway along. Check which layer holds the flag before selecting your club.
Preston Golf Course hole ten

Hole Ten

par 4 | 362 yards | stroke index 6
Pro's tip
A tricky hole to start the back nine, as the stroke index indicates. From an elevated tee the 2nd bunker is a good line, clearing the stream and road if possible. Your shot to an elevated green requires at least one more club than the distance would indicate. The green protected by 3 bunkers has a grassy bank on 3 sides and a dry pit back left. A very satisfying par if you can get it.
Preston Golf Course hole eleven

Hole Eleven

par 4 | 361 yards | stroke index 12
Pro's tip
A slight dogleg where the tee shot is crucial to ensure you have a clear shot to the green. The trees on the right of the fairway are very unforgiving and the bunker on the left awaits and slight pulls. With your shot to the green don’t be deceived by the first bunker, there is still some yardage to the green, which has a McKenzie running diagonally across it.
Preston Golf Course hole twelve

Hole Twelve

par 3 | 128 yards | stroke index 16
Pro's tip
The shortest hole on the course, it looks so easy but a potential card wrecker if you get it wrong. The green lies beyond a dry valley and is guarded by 4 bunkers. To the right of the right-hand bunkers is a steep slope into the trees and potential disaster. A McKenzie lies half way up the green so note the pin position before selecting your club.
Preston Golf Course hole thirteen

Hole Thirteen

par 4 | 311 yards | stroke index 18
Pro's tip
A relatively short par 4, with several interesting features that need to be handled carefully. On the right from the tee a dense line of trees are waiting to swallow an over-enthusiastic fade, whilst the bunker on the left has a magnetic attraction. Three bunkers await the uncommitted approach to a relatively flat green that disguises some subtle borrows.
Preston Golf Course hole fourteen

Hole Fourteen

par 3 | 199 yards | stroke index 14
Pro's tip
A wonderfully picturesque hole but possibly the most demanding of the par 3’s, with the wind usually having a big say in your club selection. From the elevated tee you hit over trees and across a valley, either side of the stream, to a green surrounded by 7 bunkers. The large green slopes gently towards the tee, whilst the ground to the left of the green falls towards the stream, so it’s simple just hit the green.
Preston Golf Course hole fifteen

Hole Fifteen

par 4 | 341 yards | stroke index 10
Pro's tip
A James Braid classic, this hole has changed very little since early last century. From the tee you have a hill to the right and the stream meandering down the left, leaving a relatively narrow route to the fairway. The fairway falls towards the stream so avoid being blocked out by the trees to the left. The green, protected by three bunkers, also slopes towards the stream.
Preston Golf Course hole sixteen

Hole Sixteen

par 4 | 417 yards | stroke index 2
Pro's tip
A tricky hole, as the stroke index suggests. The position of your tee shot is crucial if you are to have a good chance of hitting the green in two. Your next shot requires careful clubbing to a very elevated and narrow, but long green with grassy banks either side. Dividing the green into thirds, the front and back are on one level with the centre significantly lower, creating some interesting putts. Good luck you may need it on this one.
Preston Golf Course hole seventeen

Hole Seventeen

par 5 | 537 yards | stroke index 4
Pro's tip
Probably the feature hole of the golf course this final par 5 offers a test to golfers of all standards. Trees are your main concern off the tee, with the fairway falling to the right; the big lone tree is a good line. Ensure you go beyond the bunker with your next shot, leaving you a shot over the stream to the angled green. The long, narrow green falls towards the stream, enjoy.
Preston Golf Course hole eighteen

Hole Eighteen

par 4 | 385 yards | stroke index 8
Pro's tip
A relatively straightforward par 4 to finish your round. From the tee beware of bunkers to the left or a push into the trees on the right. Out of bounds extends down the line of the driving range on your right. The green is protected by 3 bunkers and falls towards the fairway. Short of the green you cross a pathway and behind the green the ground falls away to leave a tricky recovery. Hopefully the end of a great round.