Sean started playing golf at the age of 9 and joined Preston Golf Club as a junior member in 2010.  Spending as much time as possible on the golf course, Sean’s passion for the game inspired him to seek out a role within the golf environment and in 2017 he joined the Preston Golf Club professional team, as a retail assistant.  

His love for the game is undeniable, so much so that Sean has now started on the path to become a PGA Golf professional.  He has worked hard on his game over the past few years and finally achieved a handicap to allow him to apply for Professional Status. As of 2020, we will see Sean reach his dream as he embarks on the PGA Training programme.

Sean is early in his career and as a club we are pleased to support him as he progresses through his training and on to new adventures. Since joining the club, he has developed his skills in golf retail, customer service and custom fitting.  Sean is very welcoming and always willing to go the extra mile to help a customer and when not in the Professional Shop, you will always find him somewhere around the golf course.