Simon is one of our teaching professionals and has been with Preston Golf Club since August 2018.

He believes every golfer can improve and the real enjoyment is to accept the challenge to be the best that you can be.

Simon’s coaching philosophy is based around understanding cause and effect and creating a consistent ball flight that will work under tournament pressure.  He works on every aspect of the game to help players of all skill levels to improve their scoring ability and believes that small, easy to manage improvements in every session, will over time amount to long-term success.

One major element of vital importance for Simon is the short game. He excels at helping players improve their chipping, pitching, sand shots and putting.  With a great short game, everyone can lower their scores.

Simon understands that everyone is built differently but the fundamentals and parameters that create true consistency are fixed.  He works with players of all skill levels, with a passion to help any golfer with the desire to improve.

Having worked as Director of Instruction for Jack Nicklaus Golf Schools - with the legendary coach Jim Flick - and with a playing career that includes the 2010 and 2011 Open Championships, Simon can help any player play better and on a more consistent basis.  His clients have over 500 professional victories and over 700 amateur victories, with the focus being on incremental improvement.

Simon uses his experience of playing in the 2010 and 2011 Open Championships, as well as numerous European Tour events, to assist improvement in mental processes and course management skills, used by every top player.  As every student progresses, Simon will help their understanding by analysing ball flight, the cornerstone to becoming truly consistent.  Every student will learn how to practice efficiently, how to take their best game to the golf course, and how to analyse their game to find the areas that need the most improvement.