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Winter Course Protection Policy 

Acting on feedback from members & visitors over recent years, it has become apparent that at the start of every summer we receive numerous and very valid complaints from members concerning the extensive damage done to the ‘first cut’ areas around our fairways. This damage is a direct result of the previous fairway protection policies.
Despite the very best efforts of our greens staff this damage does not recover until around mid May or later depending on the weather. Obviously this is well after the competition season has started.
Council has therefore approved this policy to protect our course through the winter, which it anticipates will eliminate this problem.

Winter Protection Policy 
  • Play from the fairways and first cut is prohibited unless using a Fairway mat or ‘Rocket Launcher’.
  • Balls coming to rest on the fairway or first cut and not played from a mat must be lifted/ cleaned/ placed in the ROUGH
  • To avoid unfair penalisation through this policy change, balls on fairway that are being lifted, cleaned or placed in the rough can be placed on either side of the fairway regardless of where they came to rest.

Winter Policy Reminders:
These rules/policies apply for the winter period between end of Oct & end of March.
Bunkers: Balls coming to rest in bunkers can be lifted, cleaned and placed. Bunkers CAN be raked prior to replacing the ball.
Trolleys: ONLY trolleys with WINTER WHEELS are allowed on the course.

Click here to see the poster, with all this information, that will also be displayed on the noticeboards within the Clubhouse.