Membership types and benefits

The table below provides brief details of the wide range of memberships available. If you would like further information about any of the memberships or the special offers currently available, please feel free to contact the Club Office on 01772 700011, option 1 or 2. Or if you feel ready to make an application, please complete this online application form.

Please note that there is currently no joining fee for new members. Preston Golf Club offer 2 payment methods: 1) Full payment 2) Our Standing Order Scheme. For more information regarding our Standing Order Scheme, please contact finance@prestongolfclub.com.

Our Subscription Year runs annually from the 01 March to the 28 February.
Subscription rates will be pro rata on a quarterly basis as follows:
    - From June 1st - 75% of the full year rate
    - From Sept 1st - 50% of the full year rate 
    - From  Dec 1st - 25% of the full year rate
(Pro rata eligible on all playing categories - excluding Flexible, Junior and Student)

In addition to the subscription rates quoted, a £50 bar levy is applied to all adult playing memberships; this can be used to purchase discounted drinks in the clubhouse bar or balls for use on the Academy driving range.

Membership Category Rates and Benefits - 2024/25

  • Full membership - £1,392.00
    Access to the course and facilities for 7 days of the week, with the opportunity to play as often as required and to enter as many competitions as desired.

  • 6 day membership - £1,253.00
    Access to the course and facilities on all days except Saturdays (men’s main competition day). Members can play in competitions held on other days but not ‘alternate competition days’ for the Saturday competition.

  • 5 day membership - £1,113.00
    A membership that is probably more suited to the social golfer, as access to the course and facilities is for weekdays only – with access to competitions as per 6 day membership.

  • Flexible membership - £475.00 per year for 240 points of credit
    An ideal package for the ‘part-time’ golfer – for example new players; those returning to golf after a break; or those who are just plain strapped for time!
    It offers 7 day access to the course, discounted club services and the opportunity to have a validated handicap but with a limit on the number of rounds that can be played. Competition access is restricted.
           MORE FLexi-Membership INFO

  • Couples membership - £1,253.00 (ea)
    This great value Full (7 day) membership for two, a perfect opportunity to encourage a partner to play golf.

  • Intermediate (18 – 29 years of age) - £183.00 to £1,354.00 
    Click the price range to see the full Intermediate fee list by age.
    A full 7 day membership, offered at a discounted rate, for anyone between the ages of 18 and 29 years at the beginning of the Club’s financial year. The aim of the membership is to give a small annual incremental lift in cost, over a number of years, to help younger people manage the cost of club membership.

  • Junior (under 18) - Membership is free but a £50.00 levy is payable, to help cover support costs
    7 day membership for children up to 17 years of age, including access to Junior competitions and the Junior social club.

  • Student - £179.00
    A cost effective option for students, offering 5 day access to the course (Sunday to Thursday inclusive, for social golf (no access to club competitions). Applicants must be in full time education.

  • Country - £438.00
    All the rights of a 7 day member; however not eligible to play in Knockouts, Board or Trophy competitions. Members in this category must reside a minimum of 50 miles from Preston Golf Club and must be a member of another golf club, which is their home club for handicap purposes.

  • Corporate - Price on application
    Membership for a business and its employees, which is tailored to the needs of the business.

  • House - £41.00
    Social membership of Preston Golf Club, entitling full use of the club house facilities, including the bar area with Sky Sport TV and discounted drinks.

  • Academy - £41.00
    Academy membership to Preston Golf Clubs Academy Range, entitling use of the range facilities, including discounted range balls.

  • Academy/House - £75.00
    Social/Academy membership to Preston Golf Club, covering all entitlements under 'House' and 'Academy' categories above.

Senior Membership Categories

longevity of PGC membership being a pre-requisite for all.

  • 9 Hole Senior - £719.00
    Being aged 75 or over and with a minimum of 10 years membership.
    Eligible to play 9 holes per day Monday to Friday.

  • Elder 1 - £1,247.00
    An Elder 1 member will have joined the Club prior to the beginning of the financial year 2009 and have attained the age of 65 or over, at the beginning of the Club's current financial year. They will also have 25 years continuous membership of the Club as a Full or Senior member.

  • Elder 2 - £41.00
    An Elder 2 member will have attained the age of 70 or over, at the beginning of the current financial year of the Club and will have 50 years continuous membership of the Club as a Full, Elder 1 or Senior member. The rate of subscription shall be equal to that of House membership.