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Membership Offers or Packages

See all these Great Reasons to be a member of PGC.

The offers below are available to adult golfers over the age of 18, see the ‘Categories & Rates’ section for all other memberships.

All prices quoted below are based on the subscription rates for the 2020/21 membership year and a £50 bar levy is applied to all adult playing memberships for you to spend on discounted drinks and range balls.

Several payment options are available to suit individual circumstances, for more information contact: (phone lines not currently available)

1.   One Year Membership 
With our membership year starting on 1st March you only pay for the remaining months until end of Feb 2021.
2.   Two Year Membership 
As with the one year deal you only pay for the remaining months until end of Feb 2021 plus all of the following 12 months until end of Feb 2022 but you then get a 20% discount on the combined total if you pay for the two years in full.
3.   Flexible Membership 
Flexible Membership is specifically designed to suit the modern lifestyles of those people whose working and family life leaves them with little spare time to play golf and who cannot financially justify a full golf club membership subscription.
This Membership category provides all of the benefits of being a member of a prestigious golf club for those that are taking up golf for the first time or cannot currently commit to the full, six-day or five-day membership packages on offer.
The Flexible Membership package at Preston Golf Club is £400 per year which credits your account with 240 points. Each time you play you’ll use between 10 and 20 points depending on winter or summer golf and the time of day you play.
Click Here to see the Full details of the Flexible Membership scheme at Preston Golf Club.
4.   Ladies Membership Offer
This specific offer is only available to new lady members. The example below is based on a Full Lady Member (5 & 6 Day options are available) and equates to Full lady membership for just £2 per day:
Year 1 = £585
Year 2 = £877
Year 3: Full Membership Rate
5.   Couples Membership
The Couples membership is available to any adult couple residing at the same address and is open to new or existing members.
This great value deal offers two people Full (7 day) membership for the combined fee of £1,840 per year.
This is the perfect opportunity to encourage your partner to play golf, as an existing Full member can add their partner or spouse to create a couples membership for just £692 extra – and you’ll have the opportunity to play golf together on any day of the week.
6.   Corporate Membership
Packages can be tailored to your specific requirements, for further information and costs please contact:
  See all these Great Reasons to be a member of PGC

For further information about any of the above offers please contact the office via email ( or call 01772 700011.

If you wish to apply for membership of Preston GC please Click on Application Form (linked below) print it off, fill it in and send it to the Club office.

Periodically we hold Open Days where potential New Members can come along and view the Course, Club and all our facilities, learning what we're all about before committing to join. 
Any future ones will be advertised here when organised.

We have a Standing Order scheme to assist spreading the payment of annual subs. Obviously it will be explained fully to anyone who wishes to adopt it. Meanwhile view this diagram to help you understand how the scheme works. 

Membership Application Form

Click on button/link above then print and fill in Application Form.