As with the evolution of golfing attire, the way in which we behave or interact has developed in line with the environment in which we now live. Therefore, whilst this has to be taken into account when defining unacceptable behaviour we must ensure that recognised standards are not compromised.

Examples of unacceptable behaviour are:

  • Using foul, abusive, degrading or discriminatory language to any member of staff.
  • Using foul, abusive, degrading or discriminatory language within the clubhouse at any time.
  • Using a mobile phone on the course for other than a medical emergency.
  • Practicing on the course, that causes damage to tees, fairways or greens.
  • Ignoring course signage, aimed at the safety of fellow players.
  • Endangering fellow players on the course by playing whilst they are still in range or not alerting them (Fore) to a ball that could potentially hit them.
  • Any form of cheating on the course. Ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable defence.
  • Persistent slow play during competitions and not allowing groups being held up to play through.
  • Repeatedly not replacing fairway divots or repairing pitch marks on the green.

Any reported unacceptable behaviour will be investigated and could result in disciplinary action being taken.


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