As a modern, progressive golf club Preston recognises how acceptable golf attire has progressed over recent years, however it is equally recognised that golfers, both on the course or in the clubhouse must maintain a respectable standard.

See information below for guidance.

On the Course:

Smart recognised golf apparel must be worn at all times, if you are in any doubt please ask in the Professional shop rather than risk the embarrassment of being told.

Unacceptable clothing includes:
Denim, football attire, beach wear, cargo or combat trousers & trainers.

  • Caps must be worn in conventional mode.
  • Shirts should have collars or turtle neck and be tucked in.
  • Tailored shorts are acceptable, with predominately white socks. Tailored shorts are defined as having a fly (buttons or zip) and belt loops.
  • Recognised golf shoes must be worn.

In the Clubhouse:

After playing golf you may go into the clubhouse in your golf attire however please remove any caps. Clothing deemed unacceptable on the course is also unacceptable in the clubhouse. Clean golf shoes with soft spikes are permitted in the upstairs lounge bar but must be changed if having a meal in the main dining room (Presidents Suite).

Outdoor over-clothing i.e. waterproofs must be hung in the cloakroom or left in the golf bag.


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